Tax Deductions for Nurses Geelong

Tax Tips for Medical Professionals: Tax Deductions for Nurses Geelong 

Providing expert tax and accounting solutions to the Geelong area, we can help you to complete your tax return responsibilities. At MAS Tax Accountants Geelong, we specialise in the work for Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals, as well as medical practices and businesses. We understand the unique tax needs of the medical and health industry, and can guide you through the tax deductions for Nurses Geelong.

If you work in the medical and health industry, there may be certain tax deductions you could be claiming on your personal tax return. We have complied a list of the top tax deductions you may be eligible to claim. For personalised advice please speak with our Tax Accountants. 

Please note, that in order to claim a deduction on your tax return, it must:

  • Be directly related to your work or job role
  • The expense was paid by you and you were not later reimbursed by your employer
  • Have a copy of the relevant precept, invoice or documentation


Meal, Travel and Vehicle Expenses:

  • The cost of buying meals when you work overtime, provided you have been paid an allowance by your employer. You can claim for your meals without having to keep any receipts, provided you can show how you have calculated the amount you spent.
  • The cost of parking, tolls, taxis and public transport if you are required to travel for work, such as to attend seminars, conferences, meetings and training courses not held at your usual place of work. It also includes travelling between 2 or more jobs locations. If you need to stay away overnight, you can also claim for the cost of all meals and your accommodation. It is important that you keep a vehicle log book and detailed trip notes.

You can download and use our MAS Tax Car Logbook


Work Clothing / Uniform Expenses:

  • You can claim the cost for compulsory work clothing and uniforms
  • The cost of laundry, dry cleaning or repairs of your uniforms


Training and Education Expenses:

  • You may be able to claim the cost of work-related training courses, provided that they are related to your current job. This could include, first aid courses, OH&S, treatment updates and conferences. You may be able to claim a proportion of the cost of course fees, textbooks and stationery. If you are studying at university or Tafe, you cannot claim HECS/HELP fees or travelling between home and class.


Work Equipment Expenses:

  • The cost of buying and repairing equipment you use at work, including medical equipment and tools, electronic organisers, computers and mobile phones
  • The cost of office stationery, including diaries and logbooks


Other Work Expenses:

  • Union fees
  • Professional memberships and subscriptions
  • Agency commissions or agency fees
  • Work-related books, magazines and journals
  • Work-related phone usage – note: You can keep a diary record of the number of phone calls you make for work for one month and then we can use that to estimate your usage for the whole year.
  • Work-related internet usage – note: You can only claim the proportion of your monthly fees that are work-related
  • The cost of a fob watch (but not a conventional watch)


We suggest that you keep receipts for all purchases that are work related, even if they are not listed above. That way, when we prepare your tax return, we can decide whether you are allowed to claim a tax deduction for them or not. At MAS Tax Accountants Geelong, we specialise in the tax matters for medical and health professionals, and can provide personalised advice on tax deductions for nurses Geelong. 


Tax Deductions for Nurses Geelong Tax Deductions for Nurses Geelong 


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