Family Day Care Accountant Mount Waverley

Family Day Care Accountant Mount Waverley

We specialise in the Tax, Accounting and Financial services for Educators and Businesses in the Family Day Care industry. Providing expert services to the local and surrounding areas, our Family Day Care Accountant Mount Waverley can assist you to properly manage your Tax and Accounting commitments.

At MAS Tax Accountants, we are committed to providing detailed, cost-effective tax solutions to Family Day Care (FDC) Businesses and Educators. Using our integrated systems and knowledge of current tax laws, we can provide expert tax return services and advice. 

We can assist to legally maximise your tax refund, and help you to develop a better understanding of your taxation allowances and responsibilities. This includes evaluating your tax situation and ensuring that you claim all of your eligible deductions, as well as planning for the next financial year and tax season.

Tax Tips for FDCs and Educators

  1. Keep all of your receipts. You will need proof of payment to be able to claim a business-related expense back on tax. This includes any receipts, invoices, statements, logbooks and diary entries.
  2. Keep well-organised records of your business expenses. You can easily manage your paperwork and receipts using online bookkeeping software, an Excel spreadsheet or a ringed folder.
  3. Keep a vehicle logbook. If you use your car for work-related purposes, you may be able to claim some of the fuel and car expenses on your tax return. Track of your business-related travel in a detailed vehicle logbook, as well as file any fuel or maintenance receipts. Be sure to discuss your logbook options with your Accountant.
DOWNLOAD: A MAS Tax Vehicle Logbook for your business-related travel expenses.
  1. Have you considered your GST position? Many Accountants are unaware that a majority of their Family Day Care clients are entitled to an input tax credit by registering for GST. Although it is not compulsory for businesses who earn under a gross $75,000 to register for GST, there are some benefits for smaller businesses. Registering for GST can provide the opportunity to reclaim some of the GST paid on your business expenses. This could include the GST amounts on several operating costs, such as food and items for the children in your care, some household bills, and even your car expenses.

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