Once you have kids all of a sudden protecting the lifestyle and future of you and your family becomes a very high priority. Luckily it is easy to protect your assets and wealth should something happen to you, your partner and your business for most people.

There are a range of insurance products on the market to protect you aganst unforseen circumstances such as death or illness of you or your family. We can help work out that your priorities are and formulate a personal protection policy the suits the needs of you and your family.

We can provide advice on a range of Life Insurance Products;

  • Income Protection
  • Life Insurance
  • TPD Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance (critical illness)
  • Business Expense Cover
  • Business Insurance
  • Business Interruption insurance

Wealth protection is an essential part of every financial plan. It provides an agreed financial benefit on the happening of an insured event. Without income protection, trauma, life and TPD insurance, the wealth you’ve built can rapidly erode as a result of an accident, illness or death.

In a lot of cases peace of mind is a lot easier and more affordable that you realise.