Financial Planning Services

Planning For Your Financial Future

A well prepared financial plan is like having a travel schedule – it’s important to know where you’re going and when you will get there. Similar to booking a great holiday, it is always a good idea to seek expert advice from the industry professionals. With the proper financial planning services, you can effectively set, measure and achieve your goals, allowing you to focus on your future without the unnecessary stress.

 Do You Need a Financial Plan?

There are many strategies to build your personal wealth, with the most common involving Australian shares, managed funds, and residential or commercial property. However, financial planning is more than making good investment choices. It also involves putting the right plans in place, in order to prepare for your future and be able to handle unexpected financial commitments.

There are the common misconceptions that financial planning is for the wealthy or those close to retirement. Realistically, the sooner you create a financial plan, the better. As we are a part of a society with longer life expectations, we need to make the right financial decisions now, in order to have our desired lifestyles later.

For some people, creating a long-term financial plan may seem daunting or unnecessary, especially if you are a part of a younger generation. However, as money is a constant factor throughout our lives, you can also use financial planning strategies for your short-term goals. Whether you have a 1-year, 5-year or 10-year plan, it is vital to know how your finances will contribute and effect you. This could include saving for a car or home loan deposit, setting up your superannuation, or preparing for your young family’s future.

Creating a Financial Plan

An effective financial plan should take a rounded approach to your financial situation, and consider the best strategies to build, manage and protect your wealth. A financial plan can be shaped to fit you, your lifestyle and your goals. From saving towards a home loan or starting a family, to having the right life or income insurances, building your personal wealth or planning for retirement.

With assistance from a qualified and experienced Financial Planner, you can receive expert advice on a range of financial planning services.

These include:

Finding the right Financial Planning Services

It is vital to seek professional advice from a Financial Planner, in order to properly gauge your current financial position and reach your goals. Not only can a Financial Planner provide you with reliable and up-to-date information on current finance matters, they can also offer a valuable second opinion. It is easy to become stuck in old or misconceived opinions about your finances, and a Financial Planner can provide a fresh outlook and new solutions.

At MAS Tax Accountants, we provide holistic financial services, meaning we can refer you to one of our trusted and experienced Financial Planners. Assisting clients across Australia, our Financial Planners provide expert, reliable advice to individuals, couples, families, retirees, investors and small businesses.

Placing a strong focus on the client and staying up-to-date on finance and industry changes, our Financial Planners can advise you on a range of financial matters. From budgeting, insurances and investments, to superannuation, SMSF and Risk Analysis, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive the very best financial services and advice.

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