Property Development

If you are involved in property development, either as an individual or business, you may be subject to certain tax requirements and implications.

For tax purposes, if you undertake renovations with the goal to sell the property at a profit, are sub-dividing land or completely rebuilding, these are considered as development. It is important that you understand your tax duties before engaging in property development activities, so you can properly manage your tax and finances throughout the project.

We can help you to manage and prepare your property development tax responsibilities, including:

  • Tax related to developing real estate for profit, including sub-division, renovating for profit and property flipping
  • Tax related to personal property investors, such as profit-making activity of property renovations, and people in the business of renovating
  • Financial and Risk Analysis
  • Customised reports
  • Income Tax, GST and CGT implications
  • Building and construction businesses, who need to report contractor payments and construction services to the ATO

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