Online pharmacies offer customers a wide selection of products at much lower prices compared with local ones because online pharmacies do not have to acquire additional expenses associated with staff and rent. So if you can get the same Modafinil medicine, but cheaper, why pay more?

Chemist Warehouse Melbourne [Rating: 3.5]
shop l2/345 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia | +61 3 9671 3833 |

I don’t understand why the three rude women I have spoken to are so aggressive; she hung up on me; They refused to dispense my medicine my surgeon called because the other wasn’t “strong enough” and accused me of basically being a drug addict (I am so sorry there are addicts in the world, but I am not one, I flush extra pills I don’t need, and my surgeon told me to hold onto them for later for when I dont5need the stronger meds anymore, but I had already flushed them!” I get it, the DEA doesn’t see what you do at home, but I would think if YOUR SURGEON calls in the medicine, then you would think they would speak to your surgeon!? NOPE, the lady in Wabash was very LOUD; RUDE; ACCUSATIONAL and almost made me cry! My friend was standing right next to me holding my 3-year-olds hand, and she was shocked that a person was working in a pharmacy talks to people that way! Everyone else I have talked with has been respectful; it’s just those three women who really shouldn’t be working in customer service and fast-paced positions if they can’t be professional! Dealing with people’s medicine can either help or hurt the patient and, as someone who works there should already be aware of that! Excellent service and communication to all the others who work there and actually try the Good RX when it doesn’t go through insurance!!!

I had the opportunity to go to this Chemist Warehouse Melbourne located at 1 Corinth St. My visit was to the pharmacy at this store. I want to say I was treated with the utmost respect on my visit there. I’m so sorry that I didn’t get all their name that which was a Sunday morning when the pharmacy opened. The only name is on my receipt, and that name is Edwin. I want to thank everyone for their professionalism but also your kindness. Thank you again, Helen Egan.

Victoria Market Pharmacy [Rating: 4.3]
523 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia | +61 3 9329 7703 |

Victoria Market Pharmacy is always friendly and helpful. Can’t get in and out of the store without staff offering to help you. Reasonable prices, clean and pleasant atmosphere. My favorite pharmacy & Drug store.

I have really bad anxiety, like potential panic attacks when it comes to getting vaccinated, and I was just so touched by the kindness, patience, and empathy from the pharmacists here. Both times for my COVID vaccine, including today, the pharmacists let me lay down and talked me through my anxiety attack until I felt better. One pharmacist offered me a drink while I was breaking out in a sweat, and another shared about his life to helping me distract myself. They were so accommodating to my mental health issues, and I’m really glad as a healthcare professional myself that there are people in the healthcare field with so much compassion :’) you guys are rock stars. Thank you so much.

Terry White Chemmart Melbourne Central [Rating: 3.8]
 Shop 152C, 211 La Trobe Street between STARBUCKS & FOSSIL Stores Level 1, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia | +61 3 9650 8850 |

Love these guys. So often, you go into these pharmacies, and they all seem so bothered by life. It always seems like they make you wait, so you go away… lol. Not Cherry’s. These guys are the BEST! They are friendly and fast. They did all the legwork to get my medication approved. All I did was sit at home, receive the call, and await the free same delivery to arrive by the end of the day. The big boy pharmacies would never be able to do this. Thanks, Terry White Chemmart Melbourne Central!   

This is the rudest group of people I’ve spoken with regarding refilling my sensors. (They also keep no record of any convos you’ve had with them, so have fun explaining yourself 6 x’s.) I don’t know why Dexcom works with them? They also only communicate by phone, so if you lived in 2020, have fun with that.

Nova Pharmacy [Rating: 2.4]
Shop 55 QV Retail Centre, Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia |

The only reason Nova Pharmacy still exists is convenient to those who live nearby. Cluttered, outdated, and lacking customer service. But, alas, demand is high in NYC, and customers do not have much choice.

Certain workers there go above and beyond to make sure, and if your insurance is screwing you around, they will do anything possible to straighten the problem out. Very knowledgable.